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You don't need to be an SEO expert to rank higher and get more traffic. Create blogs, socials and ads with a custom ChatGPT for your business.
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Speedy is the complete AI powered SEO tool your business needs. From strategy to analytics, it has everything to create engaging content that ranks and bring your business more organic traffic!

Topic Recommendations
Discover topics your audience craves.
Competitor Analysis
Uncover competitor secrets for better rankings.
Trends Tracking
Stay ahead with the latest niche trends.
Blog Creation
Write quality blogs instantly.
AI Image generation
Get unique visuals for your content.
Social Media Generation
Craft engaging FB, Insta, LinkedIn and X (Twitter) posts in seconds
SEO Analytics & Audit
Track your SEO wins, areas to improve, and get a comprehensive SEO health check.
Internal Linking
Optimize site structure for better SEO.
Blogs in 49 Languages
Instantly creates SEO optimized blogs in multiple languages
Google Ads
Create high-converting Google Ads.
Backlink Recommendations
Build authority with quality backlinks.
Keyword Research
Find the right keywords to target.

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Integrate with your favorite platforms

Connect your social media accounts and post your content to multiple platforms with ease.

  • ZapierPost your blog using Zapier
  • WordpressPost your blog on Wordpress
  • WebflowPost your blog on Webflow
  • ShopifyPost your blog on Shopify
  • Google Search ConsoleGet insights from Google Search Console
  • LinkedinPost your content to Linkedin
  • TwitterPost your content to Twitter
  • InstagramPost your content to Instagram
  • FacebookPost your content to Facebook
Case Studies

Get 300% more traffic with Speedy

Our customers have seen a 300% increase in traffic after using Speedy. We have helped them grow their online presence and increase their revenue.

AI For Beginners

Within two weeks AI For Beginners generated 5.8k impressions with Speedy, showcasing the power of AI powered SEO in content creation and improving SEO results.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Speedy has helped thousands of businesses grow their online presence. Here's what they have to say about our product.

“With the help of Speedy we have increased our web presence through blogs with amazing quality. It has freed up hours for my employees and allows them to focus on our core business.

Bernard Birnbaum
Bernard Birnbaum
President, Birnbaum Companies

“The SEO tool you didn't know you needed that will solve ALL of your SEO problems. Seeing is believing! You owe it to yourself and your business to give this SEO tool a try.”

Rob Carliner
Rob Carliner
COO, Angela Caglia

“I opted in to this App and its really exceeded my expectation on the time saving front as well as customer support. Great team behind - really helpful!”

Annabel Kalmar
Annabel Kalmar
Founder, Tea Rebellion

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